Erotic Circus Freaks




Sword Delicacy: An Erotic Circus Freak Story #1




Come, one! Come, all! For The Erotic Circus Demands It.


Step right up and blow your top under the big top. The Erotic Circus is in town, and being a freak is the new normal. Whether human or supernatural, these erotic wonders will satisfy your deepest desires. Ringmistress Zelda guarantees it. For a price, that is, and she doesn't mean money. As the Ringmistress says, everyone deserves a night to release their inner freak.

Alex has always had a soft spot for sharp things. Daggers. Swords. Katanas. After all, he doesn't go by Depth-Defying Alex for nothing. But even the sharpest knife can use a crisper edge. When his first Night Patron, Chloe, challenges his own sexual threshold, he might just be the one who ends up cut with ecstasy.
Chloe's friend drags her to The Erotic Circus, but her expectations are low. Watching Alex perform certainly raises them. She can't help but be mesmerized by him. The man does know his way around sharp objects. But when the chance to become his Night Patron arrives, will one night of passion be a letdown or prove Alex to be an act Chloe remembers?

This 18,000 word story is the first in The Erotic Circus series. It has strong sexual situations and explicit content. Mature and brave readers only.





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