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For the Love of Chocolate: A Bluehaven Romance Collection


Two small-town stories of chocolate, curvy women, and the sexy men who love both!

Chocolate for Christmas (A Bluehaven Romance)

Dezrah Lee has only had her chocolate shop open for a year in Bluehaven, Virginia, but she's already on the brink of going under. Now that the big chocolate company Gold & Smith Chocolates are about to open up across from her quaint, little shop, she's afraid she'll lose most of her customers and any business she has left. At least her favorite customer still makes her business part of his daily routine. Mr. Chocolate Croissant and Coffee has been a regular, but she has yet to ask the handsome, rugged man for his name. But can a sexy man like that love and appreciate what Dezrah has to offer, curves and all?

Billionaire Austin Gold has been making Dezrah's Chocolate Café his priority for weeks. What started out as spying on the competition quickly escalated into something else when he spotted the voluptuous shop owner. Her delectable body looks much more appetizing than the creations she makes. He's supposed to put in an offer to buy her out before his company's holiday opening, but he's been stalling. Austin isn't sure he's ready to have the beautiful chocolatier off his daily haunt. But when she finds out his true identity, will she give him the one present his money can't buy or throw that delicious chocolate of hers in his face?

A Chocolate Kind of Love (A Bluehaven Romance)

Tonya Holton isn't afraid to tell anyone how she feels, and men are no exception. When her cousin and her new boyfriend decide to merge chocolate companies, Tonya has reservations, until they make her the head baker. She knows she should be happy about the promotion and raise. The only problem is the tall ladies' man Hudson or "Hud House" as she's named him. She's had a taste before, but the day after left bitter remnants she wants no repeats of. Hudson is infuriating and the last person she wants to run a kitchen with, so why is being so close to him making her crave more of the blue-eyed wonder?

Hudson Smith has always had it bad for women who know what they want. Strong and beautiful are his weaknesses, which is why Tonya had him aching for a night with her. But there's only one snag. Hudson doesn't do long term. Never has, never will. Now that he has to work with Tonya for the Bluehaven Sculpture Festival, he's quickly realizing that there's only so much strength a man can take. They bicker and argue constantly, so why does he keep dreaming about the feel of her luscious curves and remembering what those lips felt like against his? Tonya and Hudson are about to discover if opposites really do attract with lots of chocolate thrown in for good measure.


  1. When is Own coming out?? Very anxious for this story!! How much longer will I have to wait??

  2. Hi, Purplequeen. I'm glad you enjoy the series and that you're excited for Carmen's story. It's been delayed more times than I can count to make sure it's the best story possible for Kala West lovers. It's about to go through final additions and edits, so you can expect it within the next few weeks in time for Valentine's Day.

    If you want to get a copy earlier, feel free to join my ARC team where you can get a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Just email me at, and I'll be happy to send you the sign-up. Thank you for reading ;-)!