Paranormal Alphas of Kala West

Paranormal Alphas of Kala West

When you can't find your hot alpha mates, summon them!

What happens when a spirit witch invokes the wrong spell to find her warlock mates? She summons a vampire and a dragon shifter for a night of heated passion instead.

Sick of seeing everyone around her find their warlocks, Sherri is done waiting for her alpha duo. When she casts a conjuring spell, she gets two paranormals she doesn't expect but who are just as irresistible. How can she send them back to where they came from when she doesn't want them to leave her bed?

Duke needs a change after leaving his ruthless dragon clan, and his road trip leads him to Kala West. He's taken aback when that desired change comes in the form of a curvy, little witch. Can she give him a reason to stop his wanderings?

Florida is the last place Jai thinks vampires should live, but he's sent to scout out a new location in the town of Kala West. Even a cautious vampire like him doesn't expect to be magically swept away by an irresistible witch. Will she get him to rethink his misgivings about relocating?

A spell may have brought these three together, but it'll take something more powerful to keep them that way. Can their newly formed mating bond save them from those who would rather cause violence than see different supernaturals mingle with witches and warlocks?
This 20,000-word paranormal romance story is the first in the Paranormal Alphas of Kala West interlinked series but can be read as a standalone novella. It has strong sexual situations, violence, and explicit content. For mature and brave readers who can handle a sexy vampire, a steamy dragon, and one determined BBW witch.

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